A personal note…

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all well.  Let me start by saying I am so grateful for each and every one of you.  So many of you have been such an encouragement as I’ve put my heart and soul into learning how to be a better storyteller.  I love to write about my own life and I love to write fictional short stories.  I learned that I loved fiction after a painful experience that kept me from sharing anything too personal.  It’s true that God takes the painful things in our life and turns them for good.  I never would’ve written fiction if I hadn’t been pushed out there and now I am SO thankful.  Am I thankful for the painful event?  I’m getting there.  I do see God’s hand in it and I learned a lot about myself, as well.   So, I’m pretty sure I can say with a sincere heart, it was worth it.

The reason I wanted to send a personal note is because starting this Thursday, July 15th, I will begin publishing a sixteen part series.  It’s an entirely fictional story based on no one; it’s a story the Lord gave me and I had the privilege of putting it to paper.  I am thrilled for you to read it; but I am also quite nervous because I am still a work in progress. I will publish twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for the next eight weeks or so. So, get ready!  I hope this story meets you in a tender place and I pray you find it to be a blessing.     

THANK YOU for being such a support to me and to this budding ministry!  I would be so lost without a place to share words.  It’s because of YOU that I have an opportunity to write stories and the lessons I’ve learned; I don’t take it for granted, not for a single moment.   May God bless you for encouraging me and continuing to read as I work to refine the gift the Good Lord has given me. Thank you for giving me grace as I grow.   

With that being said, the name of the story is…

“Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope.”

An aspiring writer,


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