Running to the End

This week I will be re-blogging a two part series I wrote about a year and a half ago.

My youngest son is a senior this year, if you’ve followed my story on any social media you already know that.  This weekend he will compete in our state track meet.  It still  amazes me he’s able to run.  Once you read his story you’ll understand why it is so meaningful for me to attend his races and cheer  loudly for him.

I felt this was the perfect time to publish this story again.

I’ve updated it, but much of it is still the same.  Many of you have already read it but for my new followers, I hope you will read your own story into the words.   So many of us have experienced children  who’ve been sick and the fear and uncertainty that goes along with it.  It was a long road, but this week we will attend the final running competition of his school career and I am pretty sure I will be an emotional wreck.

Tears of joy, thankfulness and sorrow as we face the ending of a wonderful season.

Thank you for following my story, I pray so often for this ministry and for each of you.   It is one of my greatest joys to write myself into the pages of this blog, and to take you along with me.

It is such a privilege to share this journey.


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