2 thoughts on “Dear Daddy 03.222.2017

  1. The tears are flowing. You have done it again! You and I have trudged a similar path. I feel like you understand the feeling of my loss as much as i do. You have the power of words that I lack and I thank you for sharing and listening. I told you the other day that my dad died along with my mom. Among other things he would come at my busiest time when I was desperately trying to leave school with a mountain of preps for the next day as well as loose ends to tie for the current day, to talk, just sit so I wouldn’t be alone or most of all persuade me to get out of there. We would go have coffee or ride around and do a few errands.
    He walked 5 miles in the morning and five miles in the afternoon, went to the cemetery daily, planted pansies in the fall and begonias in the spring and watered them everyday. He tried his best to keep up the yard like Mamma would have wanted. He gave me her ring and her charm bracelet. It was never the same. His light had gone out. My sisters and I did the best we could to look after him and of course there was Yancey and his boys. He loved all his grand children but his boys were here!! He gave them Yancey’s toy cars one or two a day and walked Yancey, V to school. He worked hard at his grief every day. But it was never enough. I said many times that I wished he had a friend or maybe more but it never seemed to happen although he admitted that a lot of ladies had approached him. No one could match my Mamma. I never had to face sharing him and I’m sure I would have had some reservations or wonder what ifs should he have found someone but unlike your dad, it didn’t happen.
    I LOVED what you wrote and again you have written it so well Thank you! Although I don’t know her well, I have admired and liked her for a long time and we hall know Sharon. Dad will be happy and make her happy too your Momma will never be forgotten. She will be smiling all day and prob be there in spirit. The Lord has a plan. He reveals it in his time. Only then can we accept even if we can’t understand.
    Thank you, Sandi. We will be there to celebrate with you if you need a shoulder or a hankie. I know I will.


    • Thank you Ruth. Our stories are similar aren’t they? We were both so close to our moms and we had to watch our dad’s grieve. Tough days for sure. It’s a whole new world to share him with someone else, but the Lord is helping me. I’m thankful that Lillian is the woman she is, it does make it easier. Thank you so much for commenting, I appreciate you so much! Much love to you friend!❤


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