The Revelation of a Calling

Anxiety. I think at some point in our lives we all deal with it, some of us more than others.
Recently I heard a short devotional that left me in tears because I could so relate to the message. I knew then the Lord was going to use the struggles of my life to help someone else.

He never wastes a single lesson we learn…if we let Him use it.

The speaker defined “calling” in a way that made such complete sense to me…”Calling is when our gifts meet or collide with our burdens.” BOOM.

God has put words in my heart since I can remember and is now compelling me to use them.

As I look back over my life I can see where the troubles and hard times I’ve been through have proved to be a catalyst for personal growth. It has been SO HARD at times, but I can see now that it has ALL been for my good.

Satan fights us hard, but God will ALWAYS have His way.

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I felt the Lord was taking my blog to a deeper lever, hence the name change “Deeper Waters.”

Well, starting tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18th, I will begin to share a deeper journey that I feel is the beginning of the calling God has put in my heart. It makes me very emotional to think or talk about it because I am so unworthy. (Want to hear my flaws? I can name multiple to you in seconds flat, well rehearsed.) But, the Lord does not call the perfect, or I would certainly be OUT, He brings us to a point where we see before our very eyes “our gifts meet our burdens.”

And then we have no choice but to proclaim all that He has done and is still doing.

I am so thankful for all of you who follow Deeper Waters, I don’t know what I would do without this outlet to share, it has become a place of healing and fellowship for me.

Hope you’ll join me tomorrow as part one unfolds the beginning of what has proven to be the real beginning of a greater work God wants to do in me and in each of us.

See you tomorrow. He loves us so much.



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