Nintey Seconds of Light: Do the Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing is so hard.  It seems like it should be easy, like it should always feel good because, after all, it is the right thing. But, it’s not that simple, at least not every time.

Recently I watched one of my children make a hard decision that was completely the right thing to do, what followed was not happiness but instead tears of sorrow.  Oh I know the joy will come in time and that is exactly what I told this child.  But, I had to say it while I stroked his/her hair and watched the tears fall.  My heart was broken and yet filled with thankfulness for their decision to do the right thing.

Tough decisions can be hard on our hearts.

I remember having to discipline my daughter when she was young and it would break my heart. She had the biggest brown fawn eyes and she would look at me pleadingly and I wanted to cry with her.  Yet I knew that she needed the discipline to be a better person later in life.  What was tough then, has paid off now.

But it was still really hard.

I had a friend come to my home a while back to tell me something that was really hard to hear.   It involved one of my children and it wasn’t good news.  She found no joy in sharing the information with me, but I was so glad she did.  Not because I wanted to hear what she had to say, but because it was important for me to know.  I assured her several times that I was so thankful for the visit.  I knew it took courage and friendship-love to tell me not just the good about this child but the difficult as well.

She made a hard decision to do the right thing.

Last month I was given a book by someone who means a lot to me.  It is currently out of print so I know it wasn’t easy to find.  Yet, she took the time to find it and gift it to me.  The inscription was heartfelt with a promise to be more of an encouragement.   I cannot tell you how powerful her words were.  Our relationship hasn’t always been the easiest, although I’ve never doubted her love for me.  But, I was so humbled and inspired by her decision to be more of an encouragement so that our relationship can grow into a healthier place, that I literally cried.

She is doing what she feels is right even though it is requiring extra effort.

I could go on with more examples of good and right decisions that are really hard, but I have a strong feeling that you get the idea.   Even though doing the right thing can be difficult, I want to encourage you to step out in faith and make that decision today.  And then take one more step and follow through with whatever actions need to be taken to DO the right thing.

It could be as simple as not eating that ice cream cone that you know you shouldn’t have or as difficult as making a phone call that you’ve been putting off.  Apologizing for harsh words spoken or buckling down and giving your best in a tough relationship.  There are so many chances every day to do the right thing, chances to grow and BE BETTER.

What is it that you need to do?  Don’t put it off any longer.

Do the right thing.

Prayer:  Father, help us to do what is right no matter the cost, it will always be worth it. Give us courage and strength to do the hard thing.  Fill our hearts with joy when we step out in faith and accomplish what you’ve set in our hearts to do.  When you ask something of us, it is always in our best interest.  Teach us whatever lesson you want us to learn in the process.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

James 4:17 “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.”

4 thoughts on “Nintey Seconds of Light: Do the Right Thing

  1. Sandi, Your post touched me this morning! I actually read it multiple times. Most times we know, but there are times when it’s hard to know what the “right thing” is!! In those times we just have to lean on Him to give us instructions!!

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