Ninety Seconds of Light: Just Ask!

I couldn’t find it!  I looked and looked and still it was nowhere to be found!  It was cold, dark and people were staring.  Why was this so difficult?  I knew if I called my dad he could tell me exactly where it was and I could end this whole ridiculous waste of time looking.  But, something in me felt this was a challenge and I wanted to be up for it.  I wanted to find it all by myself, not sure why that mattered, but it did.

So, I spent the next fifteen or twenty minutes looking, freezing and trying to avoid the awkward stare of the much older gentlemen watching me while I searched high and low, nearly standing on my head in the process.

What was I looking for you wonder? 

The button to open the gas tank cover.

Let me explain.  I was driving my dad’s car because our faithful van of seventeen years was having “surgery.”  (Alternator replaced)  So, I was without a vehicle as my husband needed the one I usually drive to get to work out of town.  My dad graciously agreed to let me drive his car while he drove his old truck.  Thoroughly confused? Yeah, try living it for a day or two.

So that explains why I was sitting at a dimly lit gas station looking for the button, lever, handle, whatever to open the gas tank.  Why oh, why, was it so hard to locate??  The older guy one pump over was thoroughly entertained at my fiasco.  I got in the car, out of the car, on my knees by the car looking under the seat.  He chuckled when I accidently popped open the trunk, guess that wasn’t the right lever. 

And yet, I did not simply call my dad and ask for help.  Not until I was freezing cold and completely exasperated. And tired of being stared at. (He didn’t even try to hide his amusement.)

Finally, when I was out of options, I made the call.  “Daddy, where is the button or gadget to open the gas tank cover?”  Said I.  To which he responded, “There is no button, you just push it open.” 

What??  Seriously, what car now a days doesn’t have a button?  I could’ve looked for fifteen minutes or fifteen years and there would still be NO BUTTON! 

I hung up the phone and stepped outside the car and pushed open the gas tank and proceeded to pump my gas.   So easy, but only after I asked.  I felt so foolish.

Why didn’t I ask sooner? 

Why don’t we ask for help sooner?  Why don’t we ask for direction or advice from those who have walked a similar road?  From those who might know how to find healing and hope because they can relate to where you are. 

Why do we wait? 

Today, ask the Lord to show you someone in your life who may be able to offer an answer to a difficult situation that you just can’t figure out on your own.  Maybe someone older and wiser.  It will save you stress and the answer might just be a lot easier than you think. 

Take it from me, just ask.

Prayer:  Father, help us to ask for help when we need it.  Sometimes that can be so difficult.  You designed us to need each other.   Send people into our lives that can offer sound advice and be trusted.  Help us to be willing to help those around us when we are asked and to be humble when we answer.  In Jesus name, amen.

“The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice.”  Proverbs 12:15

2 thoughts on “Ninety Seconds of Light: Just Ask!

  1. Oh Sandi I was in deep read, wondering what you was looking for until, I got to the answer then my deep read was pushed aside, as I had to laugh out loud 🙂 Yet another good read. You always hit things right on the head. Thank you for this read this morning, I REALLY needed it ❤


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