Ninety Seconds of Light: Just Try It January

I got a new wallet.  It was a Christmas gift.  Have I ever mentioned that I get attached to accessories and things after I’ve had them for a while?  Where most might decide it’s time to upgrade, I am only just starting to break the item in.  For example, I kept my iphone well past the upgrade date and only exchanged it because I had no choice.   (I’ll explain that another time.)  I will carry a purse a full year or more without even thinking about changing if it’s comfortable.  I have shoes that are over a decade old.  We have the minivan that we brought my youngest son home from the hospital in, he’ll be seventeen next month.  Full disclosure, My husband drives the van now.  But, the thought of getting rid of it makes me kind of sick to my stomach.  It is a part of the family.

These “things” carry value to me because they remind me of people and experiences that I hold dear. 

So when I get something new, especially if I’m overly attached to the something old, I struggle.   I know in my head that the new thing will be more efficient and in better condition, but my old thing has familiarity and sentimentality on its side.  That’s tough to beat. 

So that’s where I was emotionally when I got my new wallet. 

I was standing in line at the convenient store getting ready to purchase a fountain drink. I was next in line when I began to feel slightly unnerved.  It was kind of busy in there and I had my hands full, drink in one and new wallet in the other.  I was racking my brain, where was my debit card in this new billfold?  I couldn’t remember which zipper or slot I put it in.  The cashier was finishing up with the guy in front of me and I was next.  The thought of standing at the counter rummaging through the entire thing to find my debit card, while angry customers cursed my existence behind me, made me want to flee.   

But before I had the chance, it was my turn. I placed my drink on the counter and started the frantic search for my card.  I was more than relieved when it wasn’t too hard to locate. Only had to open a zipper and a snap or two. 

I paid for the drink and bolted for the door. 

Trying new things is hard for me.  I like comfortable, familiar and feeling safe.  I don’t like feeling awkward or looking as though I don’t know what I am doing.  Stumbling into new territory is bound to make me feel both of those things.  And yet, once I’ve adjusted to the new so many times it’s even better than I ever could’ve imagined. 

So, this month I’m challenging myself to try new things, starting with my new wallet.  And I’m not allowing my tendency to be overly sentimental to hold me hostage to the same old routine.  I might just miss something wonderful. 

I’m calling it “Just Try It January.”  I’ll keep you all posted on my progress, maybe you’d like to join me and try something new too!  Don’t make it real complicated, just say yes more than no.

I’ve had my wallet a few days now and I am adjusting to it quite nicely, much to my great relief.  My old wallet sat on my dresser until yesterday when I finally had the heart to put it up in the closet. Not quite ready to say good bye to it, but I am willing for it to be out of sight.  It’s like saying good bye to an old trusted friend.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Prayer:  Father, help us to remember that You are the author of all things. Teach us to be willing to try new things and spread our wings. I believe you intended us to live on the Heights. Fill our lives with adventure and joy and most of all,  more of You.   In Jesus name, amen.

II Cor. 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”



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