The Boot Debacle

I stood in the shoe department and waited my turn.  I had already been standing there a while, but it was Christmas and the store was busy. I stifled my frustrations and put a smile on my face, I knew my patience was about to be tested.  As they say, tis the season.

 I really wanted the boots I was holding.

I had gotten some cash for Christmas.  I knew the minute I opened my card and saw the money what I was going to buy. New boots.  So, my wait here in the department store was a small price to pay to get just the pair I’d been eyeing. 

I finally got the attention of a sales person, no small feat in itself, and found myself modeling the beauties in front of the mirror.  They fit beautifully and looked great!  I knew they would. Yes! Success!

I quickly packed them back in the box and headed to the register ready for a long line and unfriendly, overly frazzled fellow shoppers.  I was pleasantly surprised when I walked up to no line at all and a friendly smile on the cashier’s face.  Wow! I thought, this is not going to be as bad as I’d imagined.  I was relieved, thankful and in a hurry to do more shopping.

I did the math in my head, subtracting the heavily discounted boots from my stash and I knew I would have a enough money to buy something more.  I was all ready to cash out in the shoe department and move on to, well, I wasn’t sure where, just to buy another “thing.”

 It was the season of giving and getting after all.

My mind was wandering when the clerk startled me with the total price of the purchase.  Wait! What?!  I was certain those boots were on sale.  Now, let me interrupt myself here and say that I hate the feeling of being taken off guard or in this case being assaulted with a price that clearly had to be a mistake.  I was speechless, and that is a rarity for me. 

“Umm, weren’t the boots on sale?”  I asked quietly in hopes no one would notice the shock in my voice or on my face. I sure didn’t want to be viewed as one of “those shoppers.”  You know the ones.  They demand price checks and hold up the lines and basically just make everyone around them miserable until every item they are purchasing is thoroughly checked and rechecked.   

“Yes, ma’am,” he said and continued to bag up my box of boots.  He handed them to me with a big smile on his face and dismissed me with  “Have a good day” and a head nod. 

I slowly slithered away, feeling so disappointed.  All I had left was four dollars. No more shopping fun for me. I was now the proud owner of a very expensive, albeit beautiful, pair of boots.

I know what you are thinking, why didn’t I check the price? 

That is a good question. My boots were sitting on a display with several other sample pairs and they were all in the same price range, so I just assumed….yeah, you know the rest of the story.

Not long after I brought the boots home and after I wrestled with whether or not to keep them for a few days, (well a few hours, they really are so great) I was shopping in the same store again. I was curious and decided to check to see what the original price really was.  Sure enough, the price was exactly the right amount for the sale price to be what I paid. 

The only saving grace was how much I loved them.

It’s amazing how much better an expensive pair of boots feels on your feet than a cheap pair. I know because I have all kinds.  The leather is softer, it just seems to mold to your foot.  I won’t even go into how fabulous they make me feel in my “mom” jeans.  Honestly, when I put them on, it takes my whole outfit to the next fashion level. 

So maybe they were worth the price.

I love the way they make me feel.

That’s exactly what happens when the Lord wants do something in me that will “cost” me. Like adjusting my attitude or delivering me from something I’m hanging onto.   I may have to stand and wait while He works or maybe I’ll be hesitant because I’m not sure if I can do it. What if His changes embarrass me? How much will He ask of me anyway?

I understand that when God works, there is a price. And sometimes that scares me.

But, without fail, when I surrender and pay the price I am abundantly thankful for the changes He brings.  They make me look better and be better.

And, oh, how they make me feel!

And after wearing those changes around for a while, I understand why the cost was so great.  Why it was so “expensive” to my soul. 

The greatest things always are.

Well, I love my boots.  I have no regrets.  I do hope they last for a while though, I don’t think I could bear to buy another pair anytime soon.  I plan on wearing these until they wear out completely.  But, I can promise you, I will never take the price for granted on another pair of shoes!  I will know exactly what I am committing to before I march up to the register. 

Now, what am I going to buy with my four dollars??

8 thoughts on “The Boot Debacle

  1. This one made me LOL… I can see you talking his happy smile, and your pricey bag, and walking out mumbling the whole time 😂😂 And now you will wear them boots till you wear holes in them LOL…. Thanks for a good chuckle on a VERY cold Tuesday morning 😊


  2. Love this and…… In case you need another “excuse” to keep them, At our age we have to pamper our precious feet. Take it from me. When you punt on cheap shoes you are not doing your body any favors. Sometimes we have to put ourselves first. Our families and friends are usually “first” on our lists but if we can’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of others. I hope you enjoy those boots for a very long time! P. S.. If you buy a few really nice classic pieces you can wear “the balance of your life”,, my grandmother’ wise words to me.


  3. Such a cute funny teaching story. I can just see you through this whole recount. Yes made me laugh a few times, thankful you have the beautiful comfortable boots, I’ve known some times and years you gracefully and unselfishly sacrificed. This splurge made me smile. Love you.


    • Thank you, BJ. You’ve been around since the beginning. Thank you for celebrating my splurge with me. I am so thankful for my history so I can truly appreciate something totally unneeded yet wanted. I’m learning to thank him in all the seasons of my life.


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