Ninety Seconds of Light: He is Enough

Recently I stopped in the bookstore coffee shop at Troy University to get a latte.   I was already a little emotional because I knew I was getting ready to leave the campus and my middle child behind…again. I heard someone say that it gets easier to send your kids off to college.  Well, I’m three semesters in and it still feels like I’m leaving part of my heart with him every time.  Anyway, I walked up to the counter to place my order, thinking about how comforting that warm peppermint mocha was going to be for not just my body but for my soul.

I began my order and probably my annoying list of criteria for the barista: tall (that’s small in Starbucks language), non-fat milk, decaf (yes, for heaven’s sake decaf), 2 pumps mocha, 3 pumps peppermint, and most importantly, with whip.  Whip cream that is.  I finished my order and was already getting my wallet to pay when she looked up from the famous red cup she was marking on and asked for my name.  Sandi, with an I was my response.  It was then that she spoke the most disappointing words.  She said them so matter of factly, like it wouldn’t really matter but she thought she’d tell me anyway. 

“We are out of whip.”

What?!  Out of the best part?  I just stood there and repeated it back to her in my whiny limp voice, “No whip?”  “Yes, that’s right.”   She responded then turned around and began to make my now not so heavenly sounding treat.  I just stood there.  Outwardly I was still and waiting, but in my mind I was being quite dramatic.  I wanted to say, but instead I only thought, “must everything be taken away today?”  Of course, my son staying while I was leaving was heavy on my mind. 

Some days are just like that, aren’t they?   One disappointment after another.  Life can be full of hard days.  Hard days with no whip.  I’ve experienced so many days like that lately.  Waking up to something tough and while trying to find comfort, find more disappointment instead.  God never promised us that we would have carefree lives with no hardship, pain or disappointment.  Quite the contrary. He says “in this world you WILL have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33b)  He has overcome, and so those of us who live for Him will too!

There is our whip cream for the day!  We are overcomers in Christ! 

Well, I reluctantly took my latte and left.  I waited a bit for it to cool before I took my first swallow.  I was so sure I was going to be disappointed, I had already decided that I didn’t like it.   I hadn’t even tasted it, mind you.  Finally, after putting it off long enough, I took my first drink.

I liked it. 

No one was more surprised than me.  Honestly, it was just as good.  A discovery I never would’ve made if I hadn’t been forced to.  And, as a bonus, it had less calories.

Moral of the story:  whatever a day looks like or feels like, don’t give up on it.  If you’re willing, you’ll discover that God is able to overcome all of your disappointments.  Without the whip.  He is enough. 

Prayer:  Father, help us to look to you in our disappointments and understand that you are working in all things.  May we start and end each day seeking you and be willing to trust you even when nothing seems to be going our way.  You have it all under control and you have our best interest at heart.  And, if we’ll allow, You will be the delight of our soul, better than any earthly treat.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


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