Bringing the Joy Back to Christmas: Twelve Days of Thankfulness


Day 9

It is late.  It is raining pretty hard and I can hear the drops pelt our metal roof.   Sitting here on my bed inside my dry house, I feel comfortable and reflective.  I try to write these blog posts at the end of each day.  It gives me a chance to sit and really think about what has happened and to see what really stands out in my mind.  It also helps me to override whatever negative may have happened and focus on the good. 

This twelve days of thankfulness is making a difference in my life.  I am so glad the Lord laid it on my heart.  He is so good.

Tonight we celebrated Christmas with some close friends.  It occurred to me as we were laughing over a silly game how blessed I am.  Rich in all the things that matter. That’s the way I like to think of it.  We have celebrated a lot this season.  From church events to close friends to work associates.   I’ve enjoyed every minute.  Life feels full and joy keeps poking its way deeper and deeper into my heart.

Loving and being loved has got to be one of the greatest blessings in life.   And one of the most painful.  But it is always worth it.  I understand that more and more as time rolls by.

I was in Walgreens today for just a few minutes.  While I was there an older woman bumped into the hand held baskets used for shopping.   They toppled over and hit the floor hard, making quite a racket.  I began to walk over and help her pick them up, but before I could two others had already gotten there and put them back in their upright position.  Realizing I wasn’t needed, I turned to walk away but not before I was struck by how out of the ordinary it was for three strangers to stop and help another stranger.  I smiled to myself as I thought about the lesson I learned on Saturday. (Day 7)  It felt good to do the right thing and not to allow my hectic schedule to steal my joy or my kindness.  What a difference a couple of days and a hard lesson makes.

So, tonight I will go to sleep to the rhythm of the rain.  I will say prayers of thankfulness for the simplest of days, the closest of friends and acts of kindness. 

One more thing, I am also thankful for homemade, still warm from the oven pound cake that was delivered to the office where I work this morning.  Warm cake with coffee is a great way to start any day.

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