Bringing the Joy Back to Christmas: Twelve Days of Thankfulness

Day 6

Today I am thankful for memories.  Memories of people, places and things that remind us of happy times.  And sometimes places that remind us of  happy memories. 

We went to Sonny’s this afternoon.  Any other bar b que lovers out there?  I haven’t been to a Sonny’s restaurant in years and there’s a reason.  It was momma’s favorite place to eat.  She was just a country girl at heart and she loved a big glass of unsweet tea, a baked sweet potato and a pulled pork sandwich on garlic toast.  Yummo! We had many a conversation over a lunch special, too many to count. After she got sick she didn’t feel like going and after she passed I didn’t feel like going. 

Until today.

Today I walked through the front entrance and took in the familiar smells and scenery and my heart jumped in my chest a little.  I wondered what I would feel like sitting in here, would it make me sad?  Would I want to cry?  But, you know what I felt?  Comfort.  Like I could feel her looking down on me watching me and smiling as I sat in our favorite place together.   I ordered the lunch special and thought of her.  Sweet memories.

These are small hurdles for me, the “firsts.”  But, one day, one event at a time, I’m making it.  That in itself is a testament to God’s power. 

I am also thankful for staff parties, dirty Santa and lots of laughs with good friends.  And, I discovered that I LOVE mocha punch.   It’s got coffee in it so you know it’s on my top ten list. 

It’s been another good day.  In the midst of all the traffic and hustle and bustle, the joy of the season is trickling in.  One twinkling light, one shiny bow, one Christmas carol, one memory at a time.  Tis the season.

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