Bringing the Joy Back to Christmas: Twelve Days of Thankfulness

 Day 5

This day totally made up for yesterday.

I wore one of my favorite Christmas shirts to work and a pair of boots I’ve had for years.   I was feeling pretty festive and maybe a little sassy.  Well, I wasn’t in the office ten minutes when the heel on my boot broke.  Seriously, it broke.  It didn’t break completely off, just a piece of it splintered and came off.  It was just enough of the heel to cause me to have to rely more on my left foot than my right.  So, if you noticed a little limp today, nothing is the matter, I just had to compensate for my boot.  It’s amazing how the Lord keeps our hearts humble.

This afternoon I took my boys to my favorite coffee shop and we had such a good laugh over the silliest things.  I love their perspective on life. They really are so funny, I nearly choked on my peppermint mocha latte while laughing a couple of times.  Sitting there I thought how blessed I am to have this place, this quaint little shop to come and sit and enjoy a warm drink and good company.  Who cares if I limped all morning?  It’s amazing how all of your cares can slip away while in the presence of people who love you unconditionally and fully.  That is nourishment to the soul. 

And you know what else I’ve discovered that I love? Amazon.  I never really knew what I was missing.  And you know what the icing on the cake is?  Amazon prime.  FREE shipping!  I sat on my couch tonight and finished my Christmas shopping.  That makes for a happy day indeed! 

And one more thing that I’ve only recently discovered.  Candles with a wooden wick are awesome!  You can get them at Target.  They sound like a fire crackling while they burn, and they smell fabulous! Definitely a great gift idea!

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