Bringing the Joy Back to Christmas, Twelve Days of Thankfulness

Day three:

I am keenly aware of what is going on around me these days as I am looking and anticipating ways to see God working in my life.  I want so much to be more thankful. 

Today I was looking so hard for something great that I almost missed the most obvious.  I realized that I am guilty of waiting for something amazing to happen so I can look to the heavens and declare my undying gratitude.  (Exaggeration.)  But, as I was sitting in my recliner this afternoon listening to my boys talk about nothing important, I thought THIS is what I am thankful for today.  Light hearted conversations that aren’t meant for remembering.  Just happy rhetoric and run on sentences, loud laughter and spontaneous singing.  Yes, we might be your crazy neighbor, but we are happy and that is what I am thankful for today.

As if that weren’t enough, I  also thankful for chocolate chips that you can eat by the handful.  Bliss.

Have a happy day today, find the good in it!

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