“Never Enough”

When Jeff and I were at the beach this weekend, we went to a neat restaurant that was right beside a beautiful marina.(I think I mentioned it in a previous blog.) I don’t know what it is about a marina, but I love to see and explore them. It was a perfect night for a walk, the sun was starting to go down and the air had cooled off a little, there was live music that was easy on the ears. An ideal time to walk and talk and hold hands like teenagers. We decided we would take a stroll down the boardwalk and onto the floating walkways. We wanted to have a look at the boats that were nestled safe and sound in their moorings. There were so many, big and small, short and tall, fat and skinny, you name it, it was probably there. So many shapes and colors, vintage and brand new floating side by side, in all their glory. We were talking about each one as we walked by and the different things we liked or didn’t like about them; enjoying each other’s company and our beautiful surroundings more than anything. As we walked farther down the walkway we spotted this massive floating beauty. She looked brand new and fabulous, making the boats around her look like miniature toy-like things. Seriously, the kind of sight where you just stop in your tracks and focus on trying to keep your jaw from falling open. The color scheme was perfect, there wasn’t a spot on it and it looked like it just came off the factory line. The back deck was wood and it held a jet ski that was super charged. It was hydraulic so it could let the ski down into the water effortlessly. There were built in coolers and leather seats in the back. That’s just what we could see, I can’t imagine what it looked like on the inside. (Obviously we were stalking, I hope no one was on board as we walked around it marveling, probably with our mouths hanging open despite our best efforts.) I’m sure all the equipment used to navigate this thing was state of the art. From the looks of the antennas and such, it was ahead of its time. She was quite a sight. As I was observing this floating mansion, I noticed, well, it was hard not to notice, the name proudly inscribed on the back. “Never Enough.” My mind just started rolling around with all the possibilities the name implies. Think about it, with that mentality life would be a constant list of things to do, laundry that is never done, dishes always in the sink, never having all the ingredients to your favorite recipe, constantly low on gas, not enough cable channels, always hungry, always feeling alone, your job would be unfulfilling, bank account would never suffice, children would feel like a constant bother, marriage would always be difficult, you would never feel really happy. Never. Enough. Do you get the idea? (Or as Jeff would say, “Are you picking up what I’m laying down?” Man humor, but it gets the point across.) Nothing would ever be good enough. Nothing. How completely and utterly sad. I know it’s just a name, just a name on a floating yacht. And yet I see so much of this mentality in society around me. Honestly, I am guilty of it myself. I have found that this world is always pulling and pushing me to have more, be more, do more, more, more. But, it’s still not enough. There is a need in us for more. Always more. It’s exhausting.   I have to be so careful with this way of thinking. I mean, I want to do better and be better, constantly growing. But, I want to watch out that I don’t fall into the trap of thinking that whatever I do is not good enough, whatever I have is not enough, the people in my life are not adequate enough. That’s a dangerous road to travel. The only way we will ever find full and complete satisfaction is in a relationship with Jesus Christ. His love fills and fulfills and leaves us feeling like He’s enough. The wonderful feeling of enough. To no longer crave things that never seem to quench our longings, that never seem to be quite enough. He is enough. By the way, the cost for a boat like this, of course we looked it up, 2.5 million dollars. Yes, you read that correctly. We walked farther down and as we neared the end of the walkway, our mind was blown by an even bigger boat floating at the end of the dock. It was so big it didn’t fit into the marina, the moorings weren’t large enough. I tried hard to see what the name of that one was, but it was just a little too far away. But, in my imagination I named it…Never Enough Two.

Never Enough 2Never Enough 3

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