Nine Months Today…

I was sitting outside on the screened in porch this morning to pray and to write some things that were rolling around in my heart and mind. I got to thinking about an old wives tale that someone recently told me. In this tale, a redbird, Cardinal, can represent people you love who have passed. When they show up, it’s supposed to signify that the person is visiting. I’m not saying that I believe it is true, but I kind of like the idea of it. My heart was broken this morning and as I said earlier, so I was on the porch enjoying watching the birds fly and listening to them sing when I thought I saw a red bird on the backyard fence. I walked over to the edge of the porch to look, but to my disappointment, it wasn’t. It was some other type of beautiful bird singing to welcome in the shiny new morning. And then suddenly, as if receiving a Que that it was his turn to go on stage, a beautiful bright red bird came swooping in and landed on the fence. I don’t see Cardinals very often, so this was kind of a big deal. It made cry and laugh at the same time. I tried to get a picture, but it was just a little too far away, so I just stood there and stared at it wanting desperately to capture the moment. I wanted to save it and tuck it away for future days when I felt the same heaviness again. Through the mixed up emotions I was feeling, this echoed through my heart…the Lord speaks to us, look around, he speaks. I just stared at the beautiful bird for a moment before it flew away, thanking the Lord for the smallest sign of his presence, his nearness, this morning to my broken heart. #heisfaithful #heisnear #lookaroundyou #goneninemonthstoday #missingmom

8 thoughts on “Nine Months Today…

  1. Everytime I see a red bird I think of mom…I heard that saying before …Mom didnt really like red birds she always thought you would heard bad news when you seen them …so its funny that when I see them I think its a sign from her..and feel that she is close …and they always show up when I miss her the most …and about every morning at my kitchen window…Thanks for sharing your thoughts:-)


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