It’s That Time Again

I’m sitting on the couch with sunshine pouring in through the windows.  It’s a bit chilly out, but the blue sky might deceive a person into believing it’s warm enough for a swim.  The days are starting to get longer now that Winter Solstice has passed; a sign that spring is not far away.  I … Continue reading It’s That Time Again

Difficult Times (part two)

2020 rolled in with great pomp and circumstance and I was ready for a fresh start; 2019 wasn’t my favorite and I had high hopes for a better year.   But, as we all know, this year hasn’t been anyone’s favorite.  Early on our shiatzu of sixteen years passed away and I cried my eyes out … Continue reading Difficult Times (part two)

My Hope is Built: Prayers of the Righteous (Part Six)

Sadie stood stunned for a moment and then stepped to the right.  Still no words came to her mind.  Ms. Moses, feeling heat rise in her cheeks because of their previous encounter, also stepped to the right and again the two bumped into one another.  Could this get any more awkward? Sadie thought, this time … Continue reading My Hope is Built: Prayers of the Righteous (Part Six)

My Hope is Built: Ms. Moses (Part Two)

It was mid-morning and the air was still cold even though the sun had melted the morning dew.  She’d cleaned up the modest kitchen, put away the cast iron skillet and washed out the coffee pot.  She made her way to the bedroom and pulled the cover up over the sheets.  She gently brushed her … Continue reading My Hope is Built: Ms. Moses (Part Two)