It’s That Time Again

I’m sitting on the couch with sunshine pouring in through the windows.  It’s a bit chilly out, but the blue sky might deceive a person into believing it’s warm enough for a swim.  The days are starting to get longer now that Winter Solstice has passed; a sign that spring is not far away.  I … Continue reading It’s That Time Again

My Refuge and Fortress: Well-Meaning (Part Five)

The sun rose early in Clara’s apartment, not that it mattered, she’d been awake most of the night anyway.  How dare the sun rise as though nothing was wrong?  And, to add insult to injury, the alarm went off reminding her she had no reason to get out of bed, no reason for it to … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Well-Meaning (Part Five)

Childlike Christmas

I’ve always wanted to ride in a horse drawn sleigh. I picture myself with a red and black plaid blanket draped across my lap while snowflakes tickle my nose and eyelashes.   In my mind’s eye, we ride past snowmen with carrots for noses and Christmas lights shining through frost filled dimly lit windows.  I, in … Continue reading Childlike Christmas