South Carolina

I’m sitting in my new home in my new town with boxes piled high around me watching my daughter and husband piece together a bookshelf for her room. I can’t believe I’m here. Can’t believe I live in a new state where I know exactly ten people, this number includes the lady at the local … Continue reading South Carolina

Open Heart

I love surprises. Well, I love the kind that involve flowers and/or travel. Honestly, it doesn’t have to cost money.  A good surprise could be cleaning out my car or washing the dishes before I can get to them. Or chocolate, always chocolate. What I don’t like are surprises that involve a hospital stay. And … Continue reading Open Heart

Flying the Not So Friendly Skies

I took a flight to Dallas recently.  That sounds so simple and unimportant really, BUT if you understood that flying makes me a nervous wreck, you might perk up a little and feel sorry for me.  You know it probably wouldn’t be worth noting that flying makes me jittery, it makes a lot of people … Continue reading Flying the Not So Friendly Skies

Holding Pattern

Many of you already know my husband flies airplanes.  He’s always telling us stories about the folks he flies with, the passenger and the fellow employees alike.   Sometimes it’s pretty funny stuff and other times it’s sobering; all in all it’s quite entertaining.  We look forward to the tales he spins when he arrives home … Continue reading Holding Pattern