In Heavenly Peace: Christmas Carols (Part Two)

She made her way to the kitchen leaving Prissy chattering to Howard, the calico kitty.  He’d wandered up to the house in the spring and Jane hadn’t had the heart to send him away.  The two were nearly inseparable.  “How was your day, Thomas?”  Jane asked as she laid her coat on the back of … Continue reading In Heavenly Peace: Christmas Carols (Part Two)

Dancing Into Glory

I was weaving through the aisles of Target absent mindedly enjoying the yellows and browns of the fall décor.  I love this time of year.  As I rounded the corner I passed a grey-headed attractive lady and, as usual, my heart wilted a little because my Mom would never get the chance to grow old.  … Continue reading Dancing Into Glory

Living Life One Hundred Percent

Last time I wrote, I wrote to those who know someone who’s suffered deep, personal loss. I asked you to be patient with us and allow us plenty of time to recover. Coming back from deep grief is a LONG, painful road.   Recovery takes lots of time, but we eventually find healing and learn to … Continue reading Living Life One Hundred Percent