Merry Christmas!

I kept a promise to myself last night. I promised I would spend some time sitting by the Christmas tree soaking in its cheerfulness and remember what it felt like to be a kid again.  I used to do this as a child.  I would sneak out of my room and sit as close to … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

The Sting of Rejection

Recently I walked through our local Wal-Mart and felt the sting of undeniable rejection from someone who used to be a friend.  It was painful.  Kind of like an ant bite to your soul, it burns, then leaves a whelp and keeps you up itching throughout the night.  Momma used to recommend ammonia to take … Continue reading The Sting of Rejection

Flying the Not So Friendly Skies, part 2

The long weekend with my husband flew by.  We laughed, went to some new company training, dined out, saw some sights and then, in a blink, it was time to fly home. I was still a bit traumatized from my flight to Dallas. I had spent the better part of the weekend with a return … Continue reading Flying the Not So Friendly Skies, part 2