Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part two)

Vivian put the SUV in park and sat quietly.  She didn’t have the strength nor the heart to open the door.  She’d dropped the two younger kids off at school and made her way to the hospital where she worked part time.  She understood their circumstances were no secret, but oh how she dreaded facing … Continue reading Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part two)

Difficult Times (Part One)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the two fictional stories I’ve written over the last few months.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing a short story until now.  You will probably see more of them in the future so, be ready!  Sadie Henderson was dear to me as she struggled to … Continue reading Difficult Times (Part One)

My Refuge and Fortress (Part One)

Clara was jarred from her sleep by the tinny ringing of her alarm.   The blue skies, ocean views and fruity drink disappeared in a flash.  “What in the?”  She fought hard in the darkness to find her glasses as the noise grew louder and louder.   “Where are they?”  She spoke frantically as her hand scrambled … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress (Part One)