Difficult Times (part two)

2020 rolled in with great pomp and circumstance and I was ready for a fresh start; 2019 wasn’t my favorite and I had high hopes for a better year.   But, as we all know, this year hasn’t been anyone’s favorite.  Early on our shiatzu of sixteen years passed away and I cried my eyes out … Continue reading Difficult Times (part two)

Difficult Times (Part One)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the two fictional stories I’ve written over the last few months.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing a short story until now.  You will probably see more of them in the future so, be ready!  Sadie Henderson was dear to me as she struggled to … Continue reading Difficult Times (Part One)

My Refuge and Fortress: Reconciliation (Part Ten)

“Hello.”  Laura said it again.  She could hear faint sounds of whimpering on the other end of the line, it sounded like someone was trying to stifle tears.  Laura knew who it was, caller ID didn’t allow for secrets, but she couldn’t understand what was going on, why was Clara so upset?  “What’s the matter, … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Reconciliation (Part Ten)

My Refuge and Fortress: Humbled (Part Nine)

It was still dark out when Clara opened her eyes.  The small apartment felt dark and cramped in the face of her current situation.  She’d prayed thoughtfully about so many of her disappointments and fears a couple of nights ago.  But, she still had to remind her troubled spirit often that everything was going to … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Humbled (Part Nine)

My Refuge and Fortress: Why, Lord? (Part Two)

Clara moved quickly weaving in and out of the mass of humanity on the crowded sidewalk. Her thoughts were filled with memories of when she first moved to the “big city,” as she called it. Back then, she was brimming with anticipation and naive enough to think if she worked hard enough she’d earn promotions … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Why, Lord? (Part Two)