My Refuge and Fortress: Emptiness (Part Four)

Clara stared out the window of the fast moving train.  There was nothing but darkness to see minus the occasional flicker of light slightly illuminating the tunnel.  The ride on the train was long and the slightest whiff of something rank she couldn’t quite identify was bothersome.  Sitting next to her was an older gentlemen … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Emptiness (Part Four)

My Hope is Built: Ms. Moses (Part Two)

It was mid-morning and the air was still cold even though the sun had melted the morning dew.  She’d cleaned up the modest kitchen, put away the cast iron skillet and washed out the coffee pot.  She made her way to the bedroom and pulled the cover up over the sheets.  She gently brushed her … Continue reading My Hope is Built: Ms. Moses (Part Two)

It’s a New Year!

Sitting in the living room staring at the Christmas tree, probably should’ve taken it down days ago.  Nevertheless, here it stands reminding me of great memories while simultaneously making me feel like a sloth.   At least I’m a happy sloth. I think I’m still a little Christmas cookie drunk. This holiday has been dreamy, all … Continue reading It’s a New Year!