Launch day for “The Road Home”

✨✨ T O D A Y!!! ✨ ✨ 💫 LAUNCH DAY!!! 💫 You guys! I have a book for sale on Amazon! What?!?😳 This all started six years ago when I was writing long meaningful posts on Facebook trying to cope with the loss of my mother. Several special people in my life, who could … Continue reading Launch day for “The Road Home”

“The Road Home” update!

I still have to pinch myself…is this real life?!? I WROTE A BOOK!! I received my PROOF in the mail and I am so happy with it!! This is my second attempt since I didn’t like the formatting of the first PROOF. This is hard, ya’ll. All the formatting and designing…wayyy out of my league! … Continue reading “The Road Home” update!

Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part sixteen)

It finally arrived.  The end of summer.  Vivian dreaded the family meeting they’d scheduled after supper; she wasn’t at all excited about the idea of going back to Palm Beach.  She’d talked to a realtor about putting the house on the market, this was one bit of news she had to tell the kids tonight.  … Continue reading Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part sixteen)

Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part fifteen)

The long days of summer were nearly over and the corn stalks were as tall as she was. Vivian had taken a break after morning chores to walk the fields and think over all that had happened in the months since they’d arrived. It seemed impossible that they were facing the beginning of August. She … Continue reading Blessed Assurance: A Story of Hope (part fifteen)