Difficult Times (part two)

2020 rolled in with great pomp and circumstance and I was ready for a fresh start; 2019 wasn’t my favorite and I had high hopes for a better year.   But, as we all know, this year hasn’t been anyone’s favorite.  Early on our shiatzu of sixteen years passed away and I cried my eyes out … Continue reading Difficult Times (part two)

Difficult Times (Part One)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the two fictional stories I’ve written over the last few months.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy writing a short story until now.  You will probably see more of them in the future so, be ready!  Sadie Henderson was dear to me as she struggled to … Continue reading Difficult Times (Part One)

My Refuge and Fortress: Trusting (Part Twelve)

Clara stood in front of the long mirror, mounted on the back of the bedroom door, and stared at her reflection.  She’d tried on so many outfits she’d given up trying to count them.  Her bed was covered in clothing as a testament of her inability to choose.  Now, she scrutinized her selections, wondering if … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Trusting (Part Twelve)

My Refuge and Fortress: Good News (Part Eleven)

David was up early.  If it weren’t for the traffic noise outside his third floor apartment window, he might’ve heard the birds singing a Good Morning song.   He had to pinch himself to make sure this was all really happening.  He’d met a girl at the Dog Park, of all places, and had the courage … Continue reading My Refuge and Fortress: Good News (Part Eleven)