Running to the End

This week I will be re-blogging a two part series I wrote about a year and a half ago. My youngest son is a senior this year, if you've followed my story on any social media you already know that.  This weekend he will compete in our state track meet.  It still  amazes me he's able to … Continue reading Running to the End

A Friend at All Times

“I feel so very alone, like completely alone. It’s as though there’s a labyrinth of walls around me and I am stuck in the very middle, and no one is able to reach me.  I am so lonely and when I cry out to God He isn’t there, I feel so disappointed in Him…” This … Continue reading A Friend at All Times

Hanging on Tight While Learning to Let Go

Her mind was playing tricks on her, or maybe it was the realization that every eye in the auditorium was staring directly at her that had her rattled; either way, she knew she must attempt to spell this word. “How do you spell know?” she was asked for the third and final time. With a … Continue reading Hanging on Tight While Learning to Let Go