The Good Life

I am sitting at the front of an ocean liner looking out over the most beautiful expanse of blue one could ever lay their eyes upon. I’ve been told this part of the ship is called the bow. (That’s for you curious ones out there.) The wind is lightly blowing my hair and I’m nice … Continue reading The Good Life


I stood behind my dad, my hand on his back while he allowed the tears to flow. We had just finished packing up the clothes on Mom’s side of the closet. He was finally ready for that step and it hurt as bad as any physical injury. With tears on his cheeks he said to … Continue reading Courage

90 Seconds of Light: What Really Matters

I’ve shared with many of you my campaign to fight old age. I guess what I mean is, I want to age gracefully, and not immediately. So, I’ve been working hard. Yoga, Pilates, running, all with the idea of keeping myself in the best health for my ever increasing number of years; it has been … Continue reading 90 Seconds of Light: What Really Matters