I am blogging? What?!?

Let me start out by saying, I have no idea what I am doing!  I literally had to go to google to figure out how to even post on this thing!  I am very hesitantly stepping into some deeper water here.  I have been so surprised and encouraged by the responses I’ve been getting on Facebook about my statuses.  So many of you have encouraged  me to start a blog.  Some of you out of love and others just  want to stop seeing all the words I post on Facebook. ha!   Either way, I am starting to feel that this is where I belong.  Sitting with my cup of coffee talking to each of you over the “table” of this post.  (yes,  I am a confessed coffee addict)  Nothing complicated, or particularly insightful, I just love people, observing them and writing about what I see.   I enjoy sharing words (lots of words)  about my every day life. I’m simple and probably not always grammatically correct and I tend to love run on sentences.  But, nothing brings me more happiness than putting on paper (or a computer screen)  what I’m learning and having someone else relate and tell me so.  I see life in stories, I feel like I have a constant narrative going in my head.  I am always looking for the lesson to be learned by the simple happenings around me.  I am not a “writer” and certainly not  an author or anything, really.   I just love making pictures in my mind out of words.  So, hang on and hold on as we get to know each other, I am a mess, as you will soon see.  But, I love Jesus  deeply and I pray everyday to be more like him.  Not sure what this is all gonna look like, I guess we’ll discover it together.  Can’t think of anyone else I’d rather make this journey with.

18 thoughts on “I am blogging? What?!?

  1. I Love it that you have started a Blog. You have a gift forrelating to others, and you are an inspiration with your love for Jesus. God bless your effort.


  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts on Facebook, so I know I’ll enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 More than once I have read your posts to Mama. I told her that you really have a way with words. I bought Coach Dobson’s book and gave to Ryan as a gift. When you write your book I buy it as a gift to myself. 🙂 God Bless You!


    • Mary, you are so sweet! I have been overwhelmed and surprised at the responses to my statuses on Facebook, deeply humbled. The Lord has been good to me and I love to relate that to others and to be able to relate to others while doing it. YOU are a blessing! 🙂


  3. So happy you decided to blog! Who knows? Maybe we can transfer some to our publications!! Looking forward to each one! Great!!


  4. Yes! You are da girl!! So proud of you and thankful you are sharing your precious heart through your words! Look forward to reading them all!


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